Megna Glass has a new home at 8 Plank Road, Unit One in East Hampton NY 11937
Crystals and handmade beads 6'X18" silver leaf frame
'Just glass' Blown orbs and 50mmcrystals!!
Handmade fused tile LED chandelier
Complete Megna work..10' by 7' and 7' by 5'
Megna Glass 'green' with 50,000 hr LED chandelier lighting.

 This chandelier has a welded steel frame, covered with custom fused Megna Glass 7 inch tiles. The LED lighting inside will glow for 50,000 hours with beautiful even light. The dimensions of this piece are 10' X 7', the center rectangle is 7' X 5'. We have created this in a 14' X 10' dimension. The colors shown are clear and pale offwhite, many color variations available. Created entirely at Megna Glass in East Hampton NY.
4' tile cube hangs from single wire..
Close up view of Edison and Light elements.
20' amber glass and bronze pan chandelier
Pair of Pears by Mariann Megna
Since our move from Sag Harbor we have been patiently (?) waiting to have Natural Gas run to our new studio to relight our glassblowing furnace and begin the hotglass blowing; the Heart of the Megna Glass Studio.  Our hope is that we will have this accomplished this spring; having been understandibly postponed by Hurricane Sandy and victims in greater need.
In the meantime; we have developed fused glasswork using our kilns and designed chandeliers in anticipation of our future blown glass abilities. Mariann Megna has been painting.... here are two recent examples. P.O.R. Thank you for stopping by the site. 

'Exposed' by Mariann Megna